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ABT Sunday Matinee

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The program included Taylor's Balck Tuesday, Tsch Pas, Diana and Aceton Pas and De Mille's Rodeo. Radestky was scheduled to dance in both the de Mille and Tudor and was replaced by De Luz and Sean Stewart. I assume he is injured, which was disappointing as I was anxious to see him in solo roles.

This was my first look at Black Tuesday and I was impressed. It is beautifully designed. Taylor seemed to use a slightly more classical vocabulary for this piece than usual and it sustained my interest throughout. The standouts were Stewart as the pimp, Stella Abrera in Boulevard of Broken Dreams and De Luz in Brother, Can you spare a Dime. The piece ends with a real coup de theatre. This is one of the best new pieces ABT has commissioned in the last few years.

Tsch PPD featured the best dancing of the afternoon by Ashley Tuttle and Malakhov. He was perfect in every respect. Tuttle danced with great freedom, she seemed to be allowed more individuality in her timing than Martins allows at NYCB. I loved the scale of her dancing and the detail.

Diana & Acteon PPD featured Carreno and Herrera. He actually manages to make these circus tricks look like dancing. Herrera's dancing continues to be spoiled by unattractive arms and hands. But, her balances and turns were wonderful, particularly her fouettes in the coda.

I've been watching Rodeo for almost 25 years and it still works, probably because De Mille was an astute observer of human behavior. Sandra Brown was weak in the comedy and pathos of the first two scenes but came alive when she put on a dress. Ethan Brown playing her love interest, the Wrangler, seemed heavy and out of shape and much older than the rest of the cast - a disappointing performance. Rosalie O'Connor gave a delightfully detailed performance as the prettiest girl in town. De Luz was charming and danced well as the Roper who wins the Cowgirl.

All in all, this was an enjoyable afternoon at the ballet, showing ABT at its best in a combination of new works, classics and Americana.

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