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Joffrey Swan Lake rehearsal live-stream


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Wheeldon was delightful! All of his corrections were precise and improved the movement enormously. I'm curious from those of you who have watched professional companies in rehearsal: how do the Joffrey dancers compare? It seemed to me that the girls should know by now that the arms start from the back, which Wheeldon had to remind them of a few times. It was nice to see Fabrice Calmels who has been talked about here as a wish-list partner for Veronika Part, learning the role of VonRothbart. He certainly has the size and gravitas for the role. The dancer learning the role of the Prince seemed lacking in acting skills but it is early days and as both Wheeldon and AD Wheater said, "they're (the company) getting there". They stated that the Joffrey has never done Swan Lake before and so most of the dancers have never done this choreography before. A couple of the swans caught my eye and later these two were learning the role of the Swan Queen in the rear of the room. The dancer doing the Swan Queen (don't know names) was exquisite. I especially liked the discussion of how the mime should be done. Well worth the 3 (!) hrs in front of the computer!

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