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NBoC Tour to LA - R&J July 2014


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NBoC arrives in LA at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion in about two weeks to perform Ratmansky's Romeo and Juliet. Anyone know of any casting for these dates, or even where/when to find casting for the NBoC? I'm pondering swapping tickets to a different show, want to know the lay of the land, etc.

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This is what I copied from the electronic program: many thanks Andre!

Romeo and Juliet

Choreography Alexei Ratmansky

Music Sergei Prokofiev

*By arrangement with G. Schirmer, Inc. publisher and copyright owner.

Set, Costume and Properties Design Richard Hudson

Lighting Design Jennifer Tipton

Repetiteurs Magdalena Popa Peter Ottmann Mandy-Jayne Richardson Lorna Geddes

World premiere The National Ballet of Canada, Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto, November 16, 2011


Elena Lobsanova (July 10)

Sonia Rodriguez (July 11, 13)

Chelsy Meiss (July 12mat)

Greta Hodgkinson (July 12 eve)


Guillaume Côté (July 10, 12 eve)

Naoya Ebe (July 11, 13)

McGee Maddox (July 12mat)


Piotr Stanczyk (July 10, 12 eve)

Skylar Campbell (July 11, 13)

Keiichi Hirano (July 12mat)


McGee Maddox (July 10, 12 eve)

Etienne Lavigne (July 11, 13)

Jonathan Renna (July 12mat)


Lorna Geddes (July 10, 12)

Rebekah Rimsay (July 11, 13)

Friar Lawrence

Peter Ottmann (July 10, 12)

Kevin D. Bowles+ (July 11, 13)

Lord Capulet

Etienne Lavigne (July 10, 12 eve)

Jonathan Renna (July 11, 13)

KevinD. Bowles+ (July 12 mat)


Patrick Lavoie (July 10, 11, 12 eve, 13)

Giorgio Galli (July 12mat)


Robert Stephen (July 10, 12 eve)

Dylan Tedaldi (July 11, 13)

Christopher Stalzer (July 12mat)

Lady Capulet

Stephanie Hutchison (July 10, 12)

Alejandra Perez-Gomez (July 11, 13)

Duke of Verona

Jonathan Renna (July 10, 12 eve)

Peter Ottmann (July 11, 13)

James Leja (July 12mat)

Lord Montague

Kevin D. Bowles+ (July 10, 12 eve)

James Leja (July 11, 13)

Patrick Lavoie (July 12mat)

Lady Montague

Juri Hiraoka (July 10, 12 eve)

Nadine Drouin+ (July 11, 12mat, 13)


Rebekah Rimsay or Tanya Howard or Rui Huang, Alejandra Perez-Gomez or Stephanie Hutchison or Tiffany Mosher

Juliet’s Friends

Jordana Daumec, Tanya Howard or Selene Guerrero-Trujillo, Tina Pereira or ChelsyM eiss, Jenna Savella or Tiffany Mosher

Nobles and Citizens of Verona

Artists of the Ballet+

Running Time

Act I 50 minutes

Intermission 20 minutes

Act II 30 minutes

Intermission 20 minutes

Act III 40 minutes

The performance will run approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes

+Additional dancers Kevin D. Bowles, Krista Dowson and Nadine Drouin appear courtesy of Canadian Actors Equity Association

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I didn't even think to look inside the program, considering how awful DCP's programs usually are! Thanks. I swapped my tickets to opening night before seeing the cast and am glad I did since Cote is doing Romeo. I admit to not being familiar at all with NBoC but I quite liked him in a gala excerpt of Onegin at SCFTA a few years back.

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have recommendation of Saturday the 12th Mat cast (Meiss+Maddox) vs Friday/Sunday, July 11, 13 cast (Rodriguez+Ebe)? I know Cote and Hodgkinson, but cannot make it to any of their days/times.

Thank you in advance.

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