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Angel Corella 2014

Golden Idol

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According to this article from 8 June, Corella said,

I’m going abroad. I can­not say what plane I will catch, but it’s clear that I’m not stay­ing. I turned down the pos­sib­il­ity to dir­ect the New Zea­l­and bal­let com­pany because it would have been too dif­fi­cult to see my fam­ily, but now I’ve decided I’m going elsewhere.
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Angel has been at the University of Hartford- Hartt School Community Division's "From Studio to Stage" program since June 30th. He has been teaching, coaching, and setting the full-length "Don Quixote" on the students there (who were accepted into the program through national auditions, and later auditions for the parts they hold.) The students range in age from pre-teen to college age. The final performances will be on July 26th at the University.

I have been filming the rehearsals and coaching sessions as a 'coda' to my documentary film about the creation of Corella (Barcelona) Ballet. You can still view the trailer to the film here: www.dancemedia.com/v/1528. Meanwhile, since financial difficulties prevented my working on the film for over a year, I am still trying to raise the funds to finish it.

I am glad that here and elsewhere in the world, they still know and appreciate Angel's skill and artistry. The later it gets, the more trouble I have convincing the documentary film funders (who seem fixated on films about the same subjects-"save the planet/environment/children or social justice" year after year) that ballet matters, and trying to create a company in a country that doesn't support its artists mattered too.

Till then, the joy of being able to watch and film Angel at work with these young dancers is something I will always remember and cherish - especially since I don't have to travel 7000 miles to do it.

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