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Alban Lendorf won the Reumert Award: Dancer of the Year

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Yesterday the Danish theatrical Award "Reumert", named after the late, famous Danish actor Poul Reumert, were given, and Alban Lendorf received once again the prestigious award "Dancer of the Year" (he also won it in 2012). He was given the award for three different performances at the RDB: Come Fly Away (Hank), Grand Pas Classique and Manon (Des Grieux).

Benita Bünger, a "home grown" talent from the RDB's own school, got one of the 10 talent prizes. She is new in the company, but had a very convincing start as Betty in Come Fly Away where she made a charming couple with Charles Andersen. Benita Bünger joined the corps in 2012 after two years apprenticeship.

Congratulations to both of them!

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Apparently this year the awards evening was structured as a continuous drama, into which the presentations were slotted: it was called Mit Liv som Træ (My Life as a Tree - is that right, Anne?) and one scene featured Lendorf as a sort of Tarzan character, in leopardskin briefs and a spray tan...

Picture here: http://www.b.dk/kultur/de-vandt-ved-aarets-reumert-2014

He changed into a suit to collect his award, though.

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It was an absolutely horrible show, really! It degrades the prestige of the Award when they deliver it in such a foolish "packing". Why it was called My Life as a Tree (your translation was right, Jane), I have no clue, just another silly idea among many I suppose.

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