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Corella Leaving Barcelona Ballet

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Marina Harss just tweeted:

Angel Corella has given up on his company and is leaving Spain, he told a Spanish paper earlier this year http://www.vanitatis.elconfidencial.com/noticias/2014-06-01/el-bailarin-angel-corella-se-va-de-espana-y-deja-de-bailar_139662/

From Google translate, it sounds like he was saying he was pushed out, that the government isn't interested in funding the company as needed, and that he will be cautious going forward. The Company at one time had 70 dancers, but is now down to 16, which makes traveling easier. He sold several properties to finance his company. He said the head of the cultural council of Catalunya wouldn't make time to see him.

He turned down the AD job at New Zealand Ballet because it was too far from his family, but he expects to go abroad, and he will dance in Spain for the last time soon. (He talks about how the royal family have been great supporters, even attending incognito, and I suspect if he were asked to perform for the new King, he would.)

His current show, "A+A" in Barcelona, opens tonight. I don't understand Spanish, and I'm not sure if the translation is saying there are two shows, one with a violinist and another with five dancers and five musicians, or if these are two acts of one show that will performed in two blocks of dates.

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I was so afraid this was going to happen as his difficulties getting financing was regularly reported on. He made a valiant attempt and sacrificed so much in trying to establish a major ballet company in Spain. I give him a lot of credit. I wonder what his future plans are now?

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I was surprised and worried for him by the fact that he was using his own personal funds to help buoy up this venture. I hope he can make back the money he lost from his own personal funds. I sat next to him and Christopher Wheeldon at the State Theater once years ago when they were a couple. They were both extremely nice and friendly.

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Should he be added to the poll list of next ABT AD? Maybe he was already on the list, can't remember.

He was already included on the poll but only has 5 votes. Perhaps now that he's left Barcelona, folks will give him more votes.

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Thanks for the link to the Vanitatis story, Helene. It brought back memories of the long struggle Corella has had in his effort to create what was originally planned as a national classical ballet company for Spain. He began with so much passion and aspiration. But the timing was bad -- just as the Spanish economy was collapsing. Much of the story was chronicled here on Ballet Alert by members like 4mrdncr and CarolinaM.

I love the article's opening line:

In the end Goliath won, and David has decided to hang up his ballet slippers.


This has shown that in Spain the Government has no interest in tending its flocks.

It's sad but understandable that Corella is disillusioned -- and fed up -- by the experience. I hope that, after his farewell performances in A+A in Barcelona, he will be find a place and opportunities that better fit what he is so capable of doing.

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