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Time frame check: "Grand Pas de Quatre"

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Recently I've been watching as many clips as there are online of this beautiful ballet. I think it is a shame that the work is getting into oblivion, being as it is a wonderful vehicle to show the best of foot work in its ballerinas. I is also a shame that the current core of young female dancers is not having enough exposure to the singularities of the romantic era projection. I haven't seen this ballet live after I left Cuba, and I have the sad feeling that I won't be be seeing it for a long time. So...

When was the last time you saw GPDQ live...?

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About 10 years ago, in a student production at Cornish College. I've learned most of the parts, at one point or another, and taught excerpts from them in classes (when I still taught) -- they are indeed good for performance quality as well as the clarity of the footwork.

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About 12 years ago I set this ballet for some extra-talented students at the university where I taught. As far as I can remember, we did most, but not all of the sections. They LOVED doing it, learned a lot, and did a reasonable job of it. And I loved being able to introduce this to my students and the audience, as I think it is a lovely, now-little-known gem of a ballet.

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