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Where Should Dance Go ?

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Not necessarily looking at where 'dance should go,' but at an example of what it can do, I found this interesting and, for me, very successful work.

Almost two years ago at the Mariinsky topic I wrote about having seen a Picasso/Calder sculpture exhibition after having attended the Mariinsky Festival. I tried to compare the two, the invention of the exhibit and the refined beauty of the Mariinsky.

At the recent Lausanne dance competition, seen on video, I found this new choreographer work. It was created by Pablo Polo of the School of Hamburg Ballet John-Neumeirer. For me, it's very interesting in its abstract construction and in how it echoes and explores abstract artistry (even relating to the painting in the background). Not only, for me, is it successful in its artistic interest but also in how well it works as a dance, as a finely constructed continuity and variety of beautiful motion. 

It can be seen at 2:00:30.


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