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Peter Pan 2014

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I scrounged up enough money to take in the Washington Ballet's production of Peter Pan at the Kennedy Center back in April (for some reason, I was not able to post here at the time). As I expected, it was basically a kids' show. There wasn't a lot for adults to get interested in. No hint of any romantic feelings between Peter and Wendy or between Peter and Tiger Lily. No jealousy towards Wendy on the part of Tinkerbell (Tinkerbell was a very minor role in this production). No big battle scene between the pirates and the Indians/Native Americans nor scary kidnapping scene.

The choreography was created by the WB's artistic director, Septime Webre. It reinforced my earlier impression that he feels much more comfortable creating pieces for men than for women. The few interesting bits of choreography were all for Peter or the pirates (and much of it was gratuitous). The women's parts were pretty basic.

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