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Ballet Parody

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The first time I saw this (the original) I was utterly convinced that it was a joke.

I must admit that I was quite shocked to discover that, no, probably the people who made it were serious! :o

The parodies are wonderful.

I do feel sorry for the original model, who surely did her best and had no idea what she was getting herself into.

(I also think the text was NOT her own)


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The last one reminded me of the So You Think You Can Dance auditioners who are highlighted every year and told to take lessons, and they're almost always guys. I thought it was real at first, but it turned out to be a double parody.

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In the very firsts video linked (firsts post), the best part for me is the end. An elaborate preparation for a pirouette followed by the final triumphant pose, but without the actual pirouette. Worthy of Carol Burnett, Dawn French, and other great ballerina wannabes.

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