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Thank you so much for the feedback, Bonnette! I hope that's everyone's experience beg.gif . I've been having luck so far on my Mac (Lion) and Windows 8.1 tablet with Firefox 29.0.1 and Chrome 34.0.1847.137 for each OS, too. I haven't tried IE yet.

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wondering on my antediluvian PC w/ Win 7 (at least it's no longer XP!) if it's odd that the links posts tend to say "posted today" even when some of the items are familiar and thus were posted in the days' past - this would seem to be a change, if mem. serves.

or is it just me, all around?

no hurry in replying.

and thanks in advance.

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I've been poking around, and I can't find a report of this issue on the help forums. I can't replicate it. Is the date issue still happening? Even if your timezone had reverted to GMT in your settings, that wouldn't explain posts from days ago showing as "Posted today."

We often have unexplained sync issues in "Last read," but I don't know enough about the underlying technology/programming to know why, except that we expect "Views" and "Uploads" to take a while to update, because they're cached and updated in batch. I don't know if this is related. Argh.

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