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Petipa's "Bluebeard"

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The Grand Pas from this ballet was reconstructed by Vasily Medvedev and performed at Dance Open; a rehearsal video has turned up on youtube:

Does anyone know anything more about this ballet? What is the context of this Grand Pas? I'm wondering what the doors with 'past', 'present' and 'future' above them in the backdrop signify.

Edit: another video of what appears to be the coda. Filming quality is not very good, but it gives an idea.

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1896 ballet by Marius Petipa, music by Pyotr Schenk. Supposedly was the most lavish spectacle Petipa had done so far. Restaged by Nicolas Legat in 1910. Libretto based on Perrault.


This probably would be a wedding pas de deux where the handsome hero has saved Bluebeard's wife from joining his previous wives in death. Handsome hero kills Bluebeard and marries now ex-Mrs. Bluebeard. Mrs. Bluebeard gets to keep castle, treasury and dungeons.

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Bluebeard : Chor: Marius Petipa; mus: P. P. Schenck; lib: L. Pashkova (cf. Beaumont); scen and cos: P. B. Lambin, K. M. Ivanov, Henrykh Levot, V. T. Perminov. First perf: Russia: St. Petersburg: Maryinsky Theater, Dec. 8, 1896
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My, but this is full of fun!

Amongst all the language, I'm curious about Act 2, Scene 3 -- there are two iterations of "orientale," a "japonais," and a "hindoue." I've had several conversations with people over the years about the characterization of music (e.g. what makes something "Spanish"). I haven't heard this score, so don't know this section -- does anyone here have insight on these characterizations?

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