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Olga Smirnova film at Aeon Magazine

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[Edit: well, oops, this is a duplicate and was posted in a thread about Smirnova. Can someone delete this?]

Apologies if this is a duplicate:


Olga Smirnova lives to dance. A leading soloist and star of the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow, she works from dawn until dusk, barely pausing to rest or eat a quick meal. Even when she isn’t dancing, she is constantly thinking of ballet: she says the music never stops playing in her mind, invading even her dreams. As Smirnova leaps and spins, she works with her teacher Marina Kondratieva to control each detail of her performance, down to the way the spotlight catches her face as she moves. The Prodigy is a rich account of the trials and rewards of professional dance, and a portrait of one young woman’s intense dedication to her art.

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