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Director's Choice 2014

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Just by coincidence, I had to return to Colorado this weekend, and managed to get to a performance, OK, 3 performances of the Colorado Ballet's season-ending Director's Choice program. This brings up the total number of times that I've seen Edwaard Liang's Feast of the Gods into double digits. And it never gets tiresome. I always see something that I missed. And I always run out of Kleenex smile.png.

I definitely saw things in Amy Seiwert's Traveling Alone that I missed when it was premiered in 2012. Much of the time the music has a melody line and an accompanying line that seems to move at a different pace than the melody. Seiwert took full advantage of that by having some dancers moving at the pace of the melody and some at the pace of the background, but without making it obvious.

I had mixed feelings about Sandra Brown's The Last Beat (as did my accomplice for the Sunday matinee). It contained a lot of opportunities for very athletic dancing and a beautiful romantic pas de deux (mainly written for Maria Mosina). But it seemed to lack an overarching theme. Or I just missed it.

Living near the Kennedy Center for a year, I watched a number of companies that were more precise technically than the Colorado Ballet. But the Colorado Ballet doesn't take much of a back seat when it comes to bringing out emotion in dancing.

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