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Request for Information about David Blair and Maryon Lane


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We received the following request from Catherine Blair:

I am the one of twin daughters, born to [David Blair and Maryon Lane]. I'm trying very hard to find out all information on my late father and mother, and their amazing ballet careers, both @ the Royal Ballet, and with American ballet theatre, from 1965,'66,'67,'68 and so on!

My father worked very hard with ABT, and directed, and produced Swan Lake etc. He and Maryon worked hard with the Atlantic civic ballet company, with Bobby and Ginger Barnett, for 3 years. Due to profound tragic times, my late father died in 1976, aged only 43, and I was just 16. I need to understand my childhood, as I was too young to grasp all of his and that of my mothers, ballets and productions.

Does anyone still remember him please? My aim is to write a book, but I have to first piece together this horrible,messy jigsaw puzzle, that has haunted me most of my life. It was very difficult, growing up in a ballet family. yours faithfully, Catherine Blair. (mscatherineblair@yahoo).

Many of us will remember David Blair's great staging of "Swan Lake" for ABT; it was the first live ballet I'd ever seen.

I'm guessing that there are Ballet Alert! members who would have information about them, including their years with Royal Ballet, or would know to whom to direct her.

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