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Misty Copeland's Book is Out

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I was impressed with the sincerity of Misty Copeland's new memoir of her life as a cafe au lait swan. Though she started late, at 13, she immediately excelled and was on toe shoes after only three months' study. I wrote a review of the book on Amazon.

What intrigued me, other than the unusual up-from-poverty to soloist ballerina at ABT story line, was how her story could apply to other teenage ballet dancers who all face challenges, though not as spectacular as Misty's. She gives proper credit to ballet teachers, supporters, earlier "black swans" including Raven Wilkinson, and even to her mother who earlier was her nemesis. Despite a youth of squalor and poverty, her talent and determination won out, and hers appears to be a loving family.

Although I've never seen Misty dance on stage, I have caught early glimpses of her as a young teen on youtube, and she is indeed a spectacular talent, just as her teachers and directors recognize.

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