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4th Nagoya Int'l Ballet Competition


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I'm getting this thread started, as it commences soon (Feb 10-17,2002). I'll be depending on our Japanese friends & members of this forum to post, please!

Also, here is the website for that competition, which awards top prizes in both classical & contemporary categories (a la Paris & Helsinki).


The 4th Nagoya International Ballet and Modern Dance Competition

February 10-17, 2002 Aichi/Nagoya JP

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Hi, Tatsu -

Thanks for posting this but the link doesn't work for me. Could you please summarize a bit for us - who are the favorites in the classical division (even if just 3-5 names, in your opinion)? Also, are there any Americans in the next round? Thanks for any information that you may be able to provide!!

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Note from Moderator: Catlady's post is about the Winter Olympics pairs competiiton. I have just copied it to the appropriate thread. (Thanks for the post, Catlady!)

- Jeannie

Just wanted to add my two cents to the whole "controversy" surrounding the pairs. I watched the entire competition and was absolutely floored by the Canadians. I thought the program was splendid, very well crafted, had theme and content that carried through and developed and was performed both technically and artistically in a magnificent fashion. I was left unmoved by the russians. I have never been a big fan of the "If I look pained I am really being artistic" style of performing and I thought their program was lacking completely in any sort of theme or content. Swirling around the ice and looking longingly at each other to swelling over-orchestrated music in a program filled with not much more than arm waving and some lifts does not constitute a fulfilling artistic acheievement to me. I thought their short program was better but it too left me cold. I stood up and cheered after the Canadians because they involved me and I had never seen such an inspired, flawless program in competition before. The russians were nowhere near as clean or passionate and there is no doubt in my mind who really won. I personally felt the the Canadian couple were quite diplomatic in the aftermath and it appeared to me that they were both aware that any criticism on their part against the judges would be held against them in future. It isn't their fault the media has jumped on this and made them out to be the wronged ones. How would anyone else resond asked the same question over and over again? Do you feel you won? Of course they do!

The whole competition is a joke, the judging of Ina and Zimmerman is a bigger scandal then the Canadians. They were fabulous and they still got placed far below the other russian pair who were dreadful. Time to find a new way to judge this sport.

[ February 14, 2002: Message edited by: Jeannie ]

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The dancers passed Round I were following (* - finalists):

Name -- Sex -- Nationality -- Company

Olimpia Cristina CHETA F -- ROMANIA -- Oleg Danovsky Ballet Company-Constantza

Zhanat ATYMTAYEV -- M -- KAZAKHSTAN -- Swansea Ballet Russe

Marcin KUPINSKI -- M -- POLAND -- National Ballet School In Gdansk

Izabela SOKOLOWSKA -- F -- POLAND -- National Ballet School in Gdansk

*Keigo FUKUDA -- M -- JAPAN -- K Ballet Studio

*Yudai FUKUOKA -- M -- JAPAN -- K Ballet Studio

Shino ONISHI -- F -- JAPAN -- Kitayama・Onishi Ballet Company

*Satomi SOI -- F -- JAPAN -- Tanaka Chikako Junior Ballet

*Akira EYA -- M -- JAPAN -- Akamatau Masaru Ballet Company

Joseph PHILLIPS -- M -- U.S.A -- North Carolina School of the Arts

Viktorija IZOTOVA -- F -- LATVIA -- Latvian National Opera

*Polina SEMIONOVA -- F -- RUSSIA -- The Bolshoi Ballet School

Sergey VASYUCHENKO -- M -- RUSSIA -- The Kremlin Ballet

*Takuma OSHIBA -- M -- JAPAN -- Miyagi Noboru Ballet Studio

*Tomonori OCHI -- M -- JAPAN -- Ballet International de Ochi

Eri MORI -- F -- JAPAN -- Ballet International de Ochi

*Isa MORI -- F -- JAPAN -- Wakui Ballet Company

*Priscilla YOKOI -- F -- BRAZIL -- Especial Grupo de Dancas Classicas

Rene SALAZAR DAVID -- M -- BRAZIL -- Especial Grupo de Dancas Classicas

*Maiko UEMURA -- F -- JAPAN -- Tsukamoto Yoko Ballet Studio・Nagoya・Teatre・de・Ballet

*Serhat GUDUL -- M -- TURKEY -- Ankara State Opera and Ballet

Kenta SHIMIZU -- M -- JAPAN -- Soda Ballet School

KIM Joon-Bum -- M -- KOREA -- The Korea National Ballet

HONG Jung-Min -- F -- KOREA -- The Korea National Ballet

SHIN Hyun-Gi -- M -- KOREA -- The Korea National Ballet

*Jean-Sebastien COLAU -- M -- FRANCE -- Ballet de l'Opera de Paris

Nanae MARUYAMA -- F -- JAPAN -- International Performing Arts/Ishii kiyoko Ballet Institute

*Carlos CABALLERO HOPUY -- M -- CUBA -- Escuela Nacioanal de Ballet

*Asta BAZEVICIUTE -- F -- LITHUANIA -- The Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet

*FANG Zhong-Jing -- F -- CHINA -- Shanghai Teachers University Arts College

*MENG Ning Ning -- F -- CHINA -- The National Ballet of China

*YU Bo -- M -- CHINA -- The National Ballet of China

Ilke KODAL -- F -- TURKEY -- Istanbul State Opera and Ballet

*LU Meng -- M -- CHINA -- Liaoning Ballet

XING Dongting -- F -- CHINA -- Liaoning Ballet

*JIAO Yang -- M -- CHINA -- Liaoning Ballet

ZHAO Yuan -- F -- CHINA -- Liaoning Ballet

As you can see, most of participants are Asian. I can't forecast who will win a prize because I'm not there. I just know the result from the competition's Web site. I've only seen some Japanese dancers. Among them Mr. Akira EYA seems to be close to a prize, IMO. He is short but has smart technique. Mr. Yudai FUKUOKA is also a promising young dancer. He has received many prizes in internal competitions but I'm not sure he is ready to win in such an IBC. I heard Ms. MENG NingNing and Ms. FANG Zhong-Jing both from China are good dancers.

The results for Final will be announced on 16 Feb.

[ February 14, 2002: Message edited by: TATSU ]

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THANKS for posting this, Tatsu!

Priscilla Yokoi of Brazil has been on the competition scene, winning medals, for 3-4 years now. I am sure that she will do well in the end. The Bolshoi girl, Semionova, is also familiar to me as a very promising dancer. AND I see several familiar names from the Shanghai competition among the Chinese, especially the two 'Liaoning couples'! Also, the Varna 2000 medalist, Colau of POB/France, is here. Just like family! wink.gif

I can't wait to read the final results on the 16th. If you get a chance to do so, could you please post the prizewinners, Tatsu?

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Prior to the classic division, the final result for the modern dance division:


- Seok Hun RYU & Yun Kyung LEE (KOREA); "Romeo and Juliet II" (chore. Seok Hun RYU/ Yun Kyung LEE)

Silver Medal:

- Eun Sung PARK & Sung Yong KIM (KOREA); "WHERE IS MY MOON?" (chore. Kwan Jung SON)

Bronze Medal:

- Edward CLUG (ROMANIA) & Valentina TURCU (SLOVENIA); "FIRST LETTER" (chore. Edward CLUG)

Special Jury Award

- Adriana MORTELLITI (ITALY) & Corneliu GANEA (ROMANIA); "80% Polyester 20% Elastan" (chore. A. Mortelliti/C. Ganea)

Special Choreograghy Award

- Seok Hun RYU & Yun Kyung LEE (KOREA); "Romeo and Juliet II" (chore. Seok Hun RYU/ Yun Kyung LEE)

[ February 19, 2002: Message edited by: TATSU ]

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And the final result for the classic ballet division:

Gold Medal:

- MENG Ning Ning, CHINA


Silver Medal:

- Priscilla YOKOI, BRAZIL


Bronze Award:


- Tomonori OCHI, JAPAN


Special Jury Award:



Special Choreograghy Award:

- E.Wesolowski "BROTHER", POLAND

Junior Recognition Award:



An award ceremony/awards gala will be held on 17 Feb in Aichi Prefectural Art Theater. Congratulations for all of prizewinners!

[ February 19, 2002: Message edited by: TATSU ]

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Thanks so much, Tatsu. Wow - China is raking in medals, left & right, in competitions! Meng is from Beijing but, my goodness, what an honor for the NEWEST ballet school in China -- Liaoning -- to produce the men's gold medalist, Jiao Yang. Those of you who read my Shanghai IBC reports will recall how I was floored by the depth of talent from Liaoning province...especially the men.

CONGRATULATIONS to all medalists. Budapest has been cancelled so, I suppose, the next big IBC-style championship will be in Jackson, this June...then Varna in July. Hopefully we will see some Chinese dancers at Jackson this year, unlike 1998. The Chinese seem to flock to Varna but, for some odd reason, haven't competed much in the USA...except for the fellow in 1982 who defected to Houston Ballet.

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2 quick questions! How often is the competition held? Were the modern division performers contemporary ballet (on pointe) or modern? Any info. would be helpful. I went to the website but my questions weren't answered.


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The competition is held every three years. The next will be in 2005. Most of works for the modern dance division are danced without pointe shoes, though I can't classify which work is modern and which one is not. The official Web site says, "the theme and form of the dance to be performed is without restriction," so contemporary ballet with pointe shoes will be accepted. May be the only difference between the classical and modern divisions is whether the works are originated for the competition or not.

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