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According to this report from a news source in Mallorca, where he had lived, Ivan Nagy passed away yesterday in Budapest.


Translated via Google:

Death of Ivan Nagy , one of the great dancers of the twentieth century and living in Mallorca

He was 70 , lived in Valldemossa and shared the stage with Baryshnikov , Makarova and Nureyev

Ivan Nagy , one of the great dancers of the twentieth century , installed in Mallorca for thirty years , died yesterday in Budapest at the age of 70.

Nagy was the first dancer of some major ballets of the planet , such as the Metropolitan in New York. During his acclaimed career he starred with Baryshnikov , Makarova and Nureyev .

" The ballet will never be as popular as football ," predicted this exceptional dancer in one of his interviews given on the island. Hungarian by birth but naturalized British discovered Valldemossa in the late '70s, people who chose to live with his wife Marilyn .

Nagy was also artistic director of the prestigious National Ballet Inglés London formations of the ballet world's most offers concerts and recitals throughout the year, and is currently directing the Ballet of the Opera of Budapest.

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I am very sorry to hear this. I was fortunate enough to be on the same stage with Ivan Nagy around 1971, when he came to Indiana University along with Natalia Makarova to guest star in Giselle with the IU ballet company. He was a beautiful dancer, a gorgeous man, and a very nice person. He was generous and kind to us college dancers, defusing some of Makarova's histrionics. May he rest in peace.

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Very sad news. I first saw him with the National Ballet of Washington--with Marilyn Burr not long after he left Hungary. Later, of course, I saw him often with ABT. He was a beautiful, seemingly natural prince with great charisma and a wonderful cavalier. The partnership with Makarova was quite special. (In my mind, I have sometimes thought of Gomez as a kind of Nagy of today.) On stage and off, he was also...well...just gorgeous as Stage Right said above.

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Ah, I am very sorry to hear this.

I hope he did not suffer pain, fear or loneliness. He was not old!

I was privileged to have seen him dance with Makarova in San Francisco shortly before I left the USA when I was a young teenager many decades ago.

I remember being very impressed by both of them.

May he always be lovingly remembered and may his family and friends find consolation.


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