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Pride and Prejudice -- Having a Ball

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"PRIDE & PREJUDICE: HAVING A BALL re-stages an authentic Regency ball to mark the anniversary of one of the world's most loved novels, using it as a prism through which to view life in Jane Austen's Britain."

My local PBS station ran this BBC program last night, about a reconstruction of a Regency ball. The presenters were social historians, and they collaborated with specialists from dance, costume, architecture, food and music. There was a big chunk of footage watching the performers, who were mostly dance students, learning the period dances, alongside preparations for all the rest of the elements. It was very well done, especially the dance sections, and as someone who's read and re-read Austen for many years, it was a real treat to watch. There's a website (when is there not?) with some clips from the show, but the whole program doesn't seem to be available. So keep your eyes open for this on your own PBS stations.

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