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Fall 2014 NY & CA Tours-News, Casting, Tickets


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Mik press release:

Casting Announced - Tickets On Sale Monday 3/17



David H. Koch Theater (Lincoln Center) November 11–23, 2014

Live Orchestra

Ardani Artist proudly presents for the first time in the United States The Mikhailovsky Ballet of St. Petersburg, Russia for a special two week engagement November 11 – 23, 2014 at the David H. Koch Theatre (Lincoln Center) NYC. There will be four programs for this premiere engagement performed with a. The casting* has been announced (below). The Mikhailovsky Ballet USA engagement is supported by the Russian Miistry of Culture. *subject to change


Nov. 11, 7:30 pm Natalia Osipova, Leonid Sarafanov

Nov. 12, 2:00 pm Kristina Shapran, Victor Lebedev.

Nov. 12, 7:30 pm Angelina Vorontsova, Ivan Vasiliev

Nov. 13, 7:30 pm Natalia Osipova, Leonid Sarafanov


Nov. 14, 7:30 pm Oksana Bondareva, Ivan Vasiliev

Nov. 15, 2:00 pm Angelina Vorontsova, Ivan Zaytsev

Nov. 15, 7:30 pm Oksana Bondareva, Ivan Vasiliev

Nov. 16, 2:00 pm Angelina Vorontsova, Ivan Vasiliev


November 18 and 19, 7:30 pm Natalia Osipova, Ivan Vasiliev


Nov. 20, 7:30 pm Natalia Osipova, Ivan Vasiliev

Nov. 21, 7:30 pm Angelina Vorontsova, Victor Lebedev

Nov. 22, 2:00 pm Oksana Bondareva, Leonid Sarafanov

Nov. 22, 8:00 pm Angelina Vorontsova, Ivan Vasiliev

Nov. 23, 2:00 pm Natalia Osipova, Ivan Vasiliev

The Mikhailovsky Theatre in 2013, celebrated the 180th anniversary of its founding and the 80th anniversary of its Ballet Company. The Ballet Company did not become a permanent fixture at the theater overnight, however: it was a gradual process that began in 1918, when the Mikhailovsky Theatre shifted its focus from drama to musical theater. Even before the Ballet Company was officially founded by Fyodor Lopukhov in 1933, the theater played host to some significant events that are now considered an important part of world ballet history. In 1923, the young Giorgi Balanchivadze, who later changed his name to George Balanchine, staged dances in Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera The Golden Cockerel at the theater. It was there that the renowned ballet The Bright Stream to Dmitry Shostakovich’s score was first staged in 1935 by Lopukhov. At various times in its history the following outstanding Russian ballet masters have taken the helm of the Mikhailovsky Ballet Company: Leonid Lavrovsky, Pyotr Gusev, Igor Belsky, Konstantin Boyarsky, Oleg Vinogradov, Nikolai Boyarchikov, Farukh Ruzimatov, and Nacho Duato. At present, the Company’s Ballet Master in Chief is Mikhail Messerer. Mikhailovsky Ballet is a young, thriving company that effortlessly combines classical traditions with a modern look, and does not shy away from creative experiments. The Company’s Principal Dancers include world-class stars, as well as recent graduates from Russia’s top ballet schools and academies.

Tickets are: Orchestra & 1st Ring $29, $55, $89, $129 & $149; 2nd & 3rd Ring $29, $55, $89 &$129; 4th Ring $55, $89, & $129. There also will be only 25 Premium ticket packages for each performance (best in the Orchestra, souvenir program, a glass of champagne, meet company members). Buy 2 programs get a 10% discount; 3 programs with a 20% discount. Tickets on sale beginning this Monday, March 17th at the box office and at (212) 496-0600; or by Fax at (212) 580-2545 and on the web. http://davidhkochtheater.com/

Press Representative: KPM Associates/Kevin P. McAnarney

(212) 581-3836 phone & fax KPMAssociates@aol.com

301 West 45th Street Suite # 9-D New York, NY 10036

1 Arts Square, St Petersburg, 191011

Tel./fax +7 (812) 595 43 19 http://www.mikhailovsky.ru/ e-mail: office@mikhailovsky.ru

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Victor Lebedev is amazing! Masculine he isn't, BUT oh, my God, the artistry! His pirouettes often end in a coup de pied balance or he does this thing where he is spinning and the leg goes up and down. I don't know if there is a name for it, but it is unbelievably beautiful and incredible. Not to mention his Vaganova arms that give the women a run for their money. If there were justice in the world he would be a superstar right now. His cambres at the end of variations are also amazing. But, like I said, he is not just a bag of tricks. There is elegance, elegance, elegance in his dancing. Of course, it is the total opposite of Vasiliev who is male hormones reaching out to the upper balconies.

I enjoy Vasiliev for his own strengths, but Lebedev is probably the inverse......ultra elegant but amazing also. If you see Lebedev on the bill, GO!!!!! I am certain you will see amazing things!

I am hooked on seeing these companies in their Russian homes, b/c those theatres are so gorgeous (atmosphere really makes a difference), but I might try to take time off and see Lebedev in NY....he is totally worth it! So far I have seen him in the secondary role of Flames of Paris, in a gala where he danced the DQ pdd and Corsaire pdd, an unbelievable Solor, and the online Swan Lake from the Mikhailovsky. He is AMAZING!!!!! I can't believe the Mariinsky let him slip through its fingers!

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There seems to be a problem with getting the multi-program discount. The internet sales set-up does not give you any such discount. I called the box office and they said that they were never advised of a discount for the purchase of multiple programs. I told the box office worker that it was stated in the press release. She stated that it would have to be verified by the Koch theater through direct contact w. the company. When I asked if they would apply the discount retroactively if people already bought tickets, I was told no. So for now I'm waiting until they get this all straightened out before I buy. Quite frutstrating. How is it possible that they were never informed of the multi program discount!?

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I can't even get the single-ticket option to work on-line. I'm logged into my account and have tried accessing "purchase tickets" several ways. Has anybody else had any luck with that? Also, do you know if they are starting the orchestra with row A (as NYCB does) or row B (as the Bolshoi is doing this summer)?

EDITED TO ADD: You can now purchase single tickets. You can select your own seat from the charts, which is great, of course. But when you click on a seat, a little balloon pops up that says it has been added to your cart. In fact, it has not been added. You have to go to the red button in the lower right "add to cart" and click that before it's really added. No sign of multiple ticket discounts yet. You can pick out your entire purchase and at check-out do your log-in. A little confusing, but so glad you can pick out your own seat (unlike Bolshoi). And they are starting with Row A in the orchestra, as NYCB does.

ANOTHER EDIT: As of 1:25 EDT, you can purchase the packages of 2 or 3 ballets, but it doesn't appear there is anyway to pick out your seats from the charts used for singles. You just select a section.

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What phone # did you call for the Bolshoi ballet tickets? Try to call this number: 212-721-6500. I called last weekend. The people, who answered my call, knew pretty well about the timing, price options and discounts.


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I was also unable to book what I wanted online. You cannot select a seat

that will leave a single seat remaining. I just got back from the box office

and they were able to sell me the single seats I asked for and were able

to apply the 3show discount.

If you can't go in person, I would try the phone sales desk. They are

always helpful.

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I am planning a NY Trip for this and just bought my tickets over the phone. (The number I used was the same California posted above). The person with whom I spoke was very helpful and told me about the multi-performance discount which I had not even known about...

Despite my long-standing wish to see Osipova's Kitri I could not bring myself to buy tickets for the Don Q's. Fortunately, whoever dances Flames of Paris, it's a production I want to see--love the publicity for it saying "Stalin's favorite ballet." Anyway I opted for Flames plus the Osipova-Sarafanov Giselle. I also have never seen Sarafanov except for bits on video...but it was still a hard choice.

I enjoyed the Mikhailovsky a lot when I saw them in London some years ago, but wasn't absolutely wowed except perhaps by the quality of the character dancing and a few individuals. I quite liked Bondareva for sure!

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I went to box office during early lunch break. They're aware of the discount but unable to apply it because the ticketing system hadn't been updated. So they reserved my seats and swiped my credit card, once the discount is updated in the system, they'll issued my tickets. I hope there won't be any snafus.

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I went after work yesterday and they had all the kinks worked out. I got the discount with no problem, also there was no line whatsover.

I'm really excited about this engagement - maybe even more excited about the Bolshoi. I'm looking forward to seeing a traditional Giselle, and Messerer's Flames of Paris.

Its always great to see Osipova & Vasiliev - together or apart - but I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing Sarafanov again. He is such a great dancer and I haven't seen him live since he left the Mariinsky. Then there are Victor Lebedev & Kristina Shapran, two top Vaganova Academy graduates who chose not to join the mothership (Shapran & Smirnova were the 2 top female graduates in their year). I've also heard good things about Bondarova and Voronstsova so bring it on!

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I'm particularly excited about seeing Leonid Sarafanov in the theater. The DVD of his Don Q with Mariinsky (and Olesya Novikova) in 2006 is worth a look. I was also impressed at what an attentive and effective partner he was with Osipova in the live stream of R&J a few weeks ago from Mikhailovsky. I'm guessing many will buy tickets to Osipova's Giselle and be pleasantly surprised to see him, too. I decided to see Vasiliev's Albrecht mainly out of curiosity to see what he does with it.

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I went after work too last night to buy tixs at the box office. They do have all the kinks worked out regarding the multi discount program and as Susan noted, no line. I have a funny feeling the casting for Don Q in particular will be changing quite a bit. Serious doubts as to whether Osipova and Vasiliev will ever appear together as partners again. Moreover, even if they did, who would want to see two people performing a comic ballet together who don't want to be there?

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Serious doubts as to whether Osipova and Vasiliev will ever appear together as partners again.

They are still scheduled to do R&J at La Scala on October 11 & 14. I wonder how long before that changes:


They're also scheduled to do Nureyev's Don Q at La Scala Sept. 25, 27, 29:


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i got the tickets too (not to all performances, but to all programs ;- )) got the discount. I love this forum, i wouldn't have known SO MANY things without you. PS: i wonder what the real final casting will be in Nov. I saw Sarafonov in Giselle last spring at Mikhailovsky with his wife (Olesya). Loved their dancing. And i am looking forward to seeing Vorontsova and Shapran, hope they will bring them

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I am somewhat surprised at the Mikhailovsky's decision not to showcase the talents of Irina Perren and Ekaterina Borchenko. Both ballerinas are out of this world in terms of lines, beauty, expressiveness and technique - and shine equally brightly in both the timeless Russian classics and in Nacho Duato's intricately weaved modern choreography. Certainly Perren is a unique creation who manages to be at the same time incredibly slender, yet womanly and athletic. When she dances together with her husband Marat Shemiunov, probably one of the strongest dancers physically today, one gets a sense of her weightlessness that is breathtaking.

And most importantly, they were the beautiful faces of the Mikhailovsky long before it became a revolving door of fleeting theatrical enterprises of Osipova, Vasiliev, Semionova and others.

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I think most Americans have never heard of the Mikhailovsky. The first time I ever heard of the company was when Osipova and Vasiliev quit the Bolshoi to go the Mik. Without dancers who most balletomane New Yorkers will recognize (Osipova, Vasilev, Sarafanov), I don't think ticket sales would be strong. I think that was why they scrapped the tour to NY a few years ago once the Mik found out that ABT intended to enforce the non compete clause regarding Osipova and Vasiliev. Sad to think that an entire tour could revolve around 2 or 3 individuals. .

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I was also surprised--not that the Mikhailovsky couldn't do New York without "name" stars like Osipova and Vasiliev, since that pretty much seems a given--but that they didn't try to reserve some featured roles for either Perren or Borchenko. I found Borchenko a quality dancer the one time I saw her when the company was on tour in London (she was dancing Odette-Odile). I only saw Perren in Spring Waters and didn't find it a terribly exciting performance but London critics raved about her Giselle...

However, Borchenko dances Myrtha, so perhaps she will so so in New York and/or perhaps Perren or she will dance in the mixed bill program.

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Had a ticket complication and the Koch theater call center was very helpful (I was not the easiest customer). So, since I write on this website sometimes to complain about the complications of getting tickets from out of town for Lincoln Center, I thought it was incumbant on me to write in and say, they also often do a great job...

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Had a ticket complication and the Koch theater call center was very helpful (I was not the easiest customer). So, since I write on this website sometimes to complain about the complications of getting tickets from out of town for Lincoln Center, I thought it was incumbant on me to write in and say, they also often do a great job...

Thank you for doing that. One of my New Year's resolutions a couple years ago was to recognize when people did a good job with something and find a way to let others know.

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Koch theater multi-program discount is different from intial listing (20% off for 3+), it's only 15% now -"Choose 3 or more performances and get a 15% discount." but they offer now 10% for any 2 performances

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I also called the box office because the online ticketing was assigning me seats and I'd already picked those I wanted. Got a very cordial, helpful person the phone - now, if only they could mail me the tickets in an envelope that doesn't say DAVID KOCH ... God, I hate that. I'm going up for November 13 and 14 - hoping to meet some other Ballet Alert people.

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a video of Viktor Lebedev (2 years prior to his graduation from Vaganova), who's cast to perform in NYC in November. (imho, i like Alexei Popov as well, seen him dance in person, but it's getting off topic). Looking forward to watching Mikhailovsky in NYC


Added later - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPANPBHMmrk - Giselle Kristina Shapran Viktor Lebedev Only 35 Entre Chat Six"

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I just bought tickets for Nov 13 and 14th!!! So excited for the opportunity to finally see Osipova in Giselle and Flames of Paris in general. Would be more efficient for me to go to Segerstrom; does anyone know why the are only showing Flames of Paris? Dancer scheduling, maybe? In any case, I am a former New Yorker and would love to meet up with other Ballet Alert fans at Lincoln Center!

If you cannot go to the box office and it is inconvenient for you to call (e.g. different time zones):

I found a useful trick on the website to pick your individual seats for different shows and still get the multi-show discount. First choose "Multi-Program Package" on this page: http://www.davidhkochtheater.com/events.html. When I first did this it gave me seats I did not want BUT keep those in your cart (for now). Then go in as if you are buying individual tickets. When you click on the seat it will show you all three price options. Repeat for all your shows. Then before you check out delete the original package of seats you didn't want. Ta-dah!

Oh, I'm also going to Solo for Two @ Segerstrom July 26 eve if anybody wants to meet up. Attending with another hard core ballet fan.

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I just noticed something odd on casting: Osipova is scheduled for Giselle in New York with Mikhailovsky on November 11 & 13:


But Royal Ballet is listing her as cast in their mixed bill on November 4 & 12 in London:


Even with the old Concorde, that's not workable!

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