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Fall 2014 NY & CA Tours-News, Casting, Tickets

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Laurencia is a very nice ballet, although very Soviet-like, in my personal opinion. It is a bit much at the end when they behead the commander and then break into joyous dance! LOL It actually made me laugh out loud! Subtle it is not!!!!

But it is a lot of fun. The Mikhailovsky's Flames of Paris is also GREAT! I personally think it is MUCH better than the Bolshoi's version. Much more exciting.

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Did they say : North or South California?


Very glad to have opportunity to see the new ballet stars at Mikhailovsky Ballet: Kristina Shapran, Angelina Vorontsova, Oksana Bondareva and others.

See? She is indeed very talented. I feel happy for her to get out from cocoon with chance of flying and shining.
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Probably So Cal since Ardani has a long established relationship with OCPAC. When does OCPAC usually announce its new season?

Should be soon--I don't remember them ever announcing after the beginning of March, but I suppose it depends on signing the dotted lines for the contracts. I am assuming it's SCFTA/ex-OCPAC as well due to the Ardani connection. Usually the Mariinsky (Ardani also runs their tours) goes to Berkeley as well on their West Coast runs, so maybe the Mik will do the same, though they may not have quite the drawing power.

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Here's the LA Times story, with the rest of the season at Segerstrom:


Nov. 28-30 is Thanksgiving weekend, an odd time for a major show like Mikhailovsky. Given the airport chaos that weekend, it won't be encouraging for out-of-towners.

The rest of the season:

*ABT: March 3-8, 2015 - The Sleeping Beauty (Ratmansky)

*National Ballet of Spain: April 24-26, 2015

*Eifman Ballet: June 5-7, 2015

The Times story notes that the Koch gift of $2.5 million for SB is a matching grant. I don't recall that his previous gifts were matching gifts that would require a huge fund-raising effort by ABT in addition to their regular fund-raising.

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Alas, the LA Times article is subscription-only access -- did they mention anything about repertory for these events?

That's odd -- I'm not a subscriber. You might try again.

Eifman: West Coast premiere of an American story, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Tender Is the Night,” choreographed by artistic director Boris Eifman

Mikhailovsky: Flames of Paris (but the original, not the Ratmansky version)

Spain: no information

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Very glad to have opportunity to see the new ballet stars at Mikhailovsky Ballet: Kristina Shapran, Angelina Vorontsova, Oksana Bondareva and others.

Is Shapran at Mikhailovsky now? I thought she went to the Stanislavsky (Polunin's new home) after graduating from VBA

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O & V are also casted together in the mixed bills.

Any ideas when the box office opens?

It says they will both appear November 18 & 19, the evenings with three short ballets. But it's not clear they will be appearing in the same ballet(s)!

When the box office opens, I hope somebody posts here quickly. After the rave reviews of Osipova's Giselle with Royal, I would guess those will sell fast.

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This has the effect of making me so nervous that the interview seems to be going from bad to worse. Particularly when I stumble across the news that Ivan and his main dancing partner and fiancée Natalia Osipova (now principal dancer with the Royal Ballet, currently wowing audiences in Giselle) are no longer an item, by making the innocent mistake of asking him if the couple have ‘named a day’ for their wedding.

‘No’, he says bluntly, rolling his eyes. Is it difficult, I persist, finding time together now that Natalia is based in London while he has remained as principal dancer with the American Theatre Ballet (a position that allows him to ‘guest’ with other companies, such as the Bolshoi, the world over)? ‘No,’ he repeats.

At least, I point out, they will be together when Ivan is in London performing as the youngest member of the critically acclaimed Kings of the Dance (more of which later) in March. Surely, I trill, it will be good to be dancing in the same city? ‘No! It’s not good question,’ he says.

It falls to Sergei to explain that the couple – who were first teamed when Ivan joined the Bolshoi aged just 17 and would go on to become international stars of the company before famously defecting to the smaller rival Mikhailovsky company in St Petersburg in 2011, and subsequently, a year later, joining the American Theatre Ballet – are no longer romantically involved.

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I haven't seen them say anything bad about the other in the legitimate press, but Vasiliev recently made it clear they are no longer a couple. From February 8, 2014 links:


In "Giselle" she's paired with Sarafanov and he with Vorontsova, and in "The Flames of Paris," only he is cast, with Vorontsova and Bondareva.

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