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"Balanchine's Dancing Cowboy"


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Frank Ohman has written his autobiography.

Balanchine, who loved the American West, called Ohman his “cowboy.”

Apparently sensing the young man’s bewilderment, he began offering advice on personal, career, and spiritual matters. This relationship lasted until Balanchine’s death. “Like a caring father figure, he seemed more concerned about my character than my dancing,” writes Ohman.

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I skimmed it. He does provide a lot of detail on his interaction with Balanchine, which is interesting. I was struck at how informal and un-bureaucratic Balanchine was in those days in hiring dancers, letting them take leaves of absence, etc.

Thanks, California. I wanted more detail about the ballets and Balanchine. Also, it was very repetitive in spots. Is there an older thread titled something to the effect of "Memoirs or Biographies I Want To Read (meaning, I want to read an autobiography/biography that hasn't been written or published yet by a dancer).

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I enjoyed reading this book a lot. It read like listening to someone tell his story sitting by a fireplace, where repetition feels very natural. I felt that he talked/wrote about what was important to him and what he wanted to articulate. That wasn't, though, detailed descriptions of learning and creating roles. It was a very personal book.

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