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Please delete if there is already a discussion thread!

I'm just beginning to watch the finals now. So far all I have to say is... WOW! Specifically, in regards to Sae Maeda. I want to know more about her training, because there's a harmony to her quality of movement that I haven't seen out of many Japanese trained dancers. I initially thought that she was trained abroad, but apparently not? Does anyone know more about this girl or have more videos of her dancing? I'm excited to see her career.

It's rare that I get such a strong impression from a competition performance -- I find them robbed of artistry in the name of technique. But I didn't feel anything missing from Maeda's performance.

My dear balletomanes --

Who stood out to you, for better or worse?

More later when I have time to watch it all. I've been absent from the board because of finally getting a job, and I miss ballet and all of you! It's good to be back.

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I thought Precious Adams's contemporary solo was amazing, already professional level and something I would be happy to pay money to see. She had a real sense of character, of purpose in the movement. I liked her Sleeping Beauty, but I didn't think it was as unique.

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