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First World Tutu Day (2/2)

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Maybe this has been discussed on this forum, but I wanted mention it. In celebration, I am sorry to say I did not raise any donations, but I did share a number to clips with friends and family for their enjoyment and to perhaps spark more interest in our beautiful art form. From Pointe Magazine:

World Tutu Day

On February 2, 2014, dancers everywhere will have something to celebrate:World Tutu Day. And though it won't happen for a couple months (on 2/2—get it?), you can start declaring your love for tulle now. The project, a fundraiser for The Australian Ballet School, challenges you to get a team together to raise money—through a tutu-making event, a studio party or asponsored fitness challenge. Prizes include a pass to the school's 50th anniversary gala, a master class andwhat else?a tutu. The school hopes to eventually make the day a national fundraising challenge for studios everywhere.

If anything, it's a great excuse to live in a tutu for a day—on the bus, at school and obviously, in ballet class.

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Pacific Northwest Ballet opened their program on Friday -- 4 different lead casts in 4 performances. Today Leta Biasucci and Jerome Tisserand made their debuts -- I am very full of Petipa right now!

Hello, Sandik, sounds like a happy time, and who can resist Petipa! My husband gave me his memoirs as a Christmas present this year. I'll read it soon. More importantly, I'd like to see more Petipa myself this year! As for PNB, I'm going to see them at Jacob's Pillow this August - can't wait!

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