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Documentary about Alban Lendorf on live-tv tonight

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The Danish television channel DR k broadcasts a short documentary about Alban Lendorf tonight at 0.25-0.55 (Danish time!). It is possible to Watch it directly, e.g. live, if you click on to the channels homepage, as they stream all their programs:


The name of the programme is "Ballettens Laudrup: Et portræt af Alban Lendorf". (Laudrup is a very famous Danish footballplayer!)

I'm afraid it is all in Danish, but maybe it can be worthwhile seeing anyway because of the dance-clips.

One of the main topics in the documnetary is whether Alban will go for an internatinal career or whether he will stay with the Royal Danish Ballet, where he was "brought up". Ballet master Nikolaj Hübbe is also interviewed about this.

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For the right reasons, we can not play some shows and live TV outside Denmark. Are you sitting at a computer with a foreign IP address, it may be the reason you do not see the program.

I get this error message so I'll probably not be able to watch it on my (already slow) computer. But do tell us what Lendorf says about whether he might be dancing in Denmark or mostly abroad in the future. (And anything about whether one's style – national or personal – suffers or gains when dancing in international companies.)

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Sorry about that! It was naïve of me to think the internet was accessible from everywhere in the world.

Actually what Lendorf says about his future plans is all rather vague. But at a point he says that for the time being he definately wants to stay in Denmark, or at least keep Denmark as his permanent base from which he can take trips out into the world. Nikolaj Hübbe seems to be rather liberal about letting his dancers have time free to get out and get experience from other companies and other parts of the world, where they have a different kind of tradition and dance culture. Maybe that's a wise way to keep people in the house in stead of forcing them to make a choice by limiting them.

I suppose it can be a very sound experience to try out other companies, it might make you more conscious about what is specific about the style you were brought up with. And for a dancer of Lendorf's caliber it is also healthy to meet other top dancers and get challenged in a way he might not be at home - or at least in other ways than he is used to. In the documentary you follow him, among other things, when he is a guest dancer with the ABT, and it is funny to see his reaction, when he suddenly has to cope with the speediness of a female cuban dancer (I forgot her name, sorry).

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