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Happy 15th Anniversary, Ballet Alert!-Talk-Alert!


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It just dawned on me that this is the penultimate day of 2013 and that 2013 marks Ballet Alert!'s 15th year anniversary! How time disappears...

So many thanks to Alexandra for launching this site in 1998, when the Internet was in its toddler days as a far-reaching public entity. We've waxed and waned in fulfilling BA!'s mission to serve as a place to discuss classical ballet, but the standard is still there for us to try to meet.

I'd also like to thank dirac for her commitment to providing Links at least six days a week, and for always adding links as they surface after the current day, and to Mme. Hermine for posting lLinks on the other days. rg shares his his wonderful collection of historic photographs and postcards that grace Ballet Alert! flowers.gif . BA! would not be the same wonderful resource without them.

Thank you to Carley, our tireless site Registrar, whose work is almost entirely behind the scenes, and who continues the non-stop effort to battle the spammers who try to infiltrate us, and to our Moderating team. We appreciate the people who donate to keep us up and running, and our members, whose participation and insight makes us an online community.

Happy almost New Year to all!

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Yes Helene..I. want to echo your words of thanks. Ballet Talk has been quite a wonderful cyber companion for me in quite few years.. and of course...THANK TO YOU for so wisely calm down heated discussions at repeated ocassions. I am FREEZING in the city right now, but having a SUPER good time. Happy New Year everyone!!

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......and let's not forget a BIG thanks to Helene who, with tireless and never ending effort, keeps this ship afloat and heading, at least generally, in its stated direction!

Most definitely! And thank you, Alexandra and dirac and carbro and rg and Mme. Hermine!

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Thank you from me, too - I have greatly enjoyed this and its sister site over the years!

All those who make this possible are wonderful and generous to do so! Thank you, thank you!

And a very happy, healthy, inspirational New Year!


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I'm so sorry -- I just found this post! (I've had trouble logging in for reasons we cannot determine! :)

Thank you all for your thanks! AND for posting. Thanks for reminder that this site was founded to be a place for civilized discussion of classical ballet -- I hope we remember that when the spring season commences.

AND thanks to Helene who keeps the site going, dirac who posts the Links, and Carley handles at least membership requests per day!!!

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