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Balancing Pointe: New Ballet Podcast

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Two women, Kimberly Falker and Marge Porter, have created a website at www.balancingpointe.com and a podcast that launched on 30 November 2013. As Falker describes in the intro podcast (#1), she and Porter are mothers of daughters in pre-professional training programs. Their curiosity about dance training expanded to the ballet world at large.

So far there have been 10 podcasts in addition to the intro. I learned about it from a tweet by Allison DeBona, who is interviewed in episode 11. The podcasts can be downloaded from iTunes, which offers a subscription option:


I'm listening to it now, and Falker, as a ballet parent has a different set of questions, at least so far.

Other dancer interviewees include Megan Fairchild, Tiit Helimets, Ben Davis, and Dylan Gutierrez.

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More ballet dancer interviews with:

Renata Pavan, just retired from ABT and now a photographer

Joffrey Ballet's Fabrice Calmels; he's got a project cooking called "Ballet Monsters"

Chi Cao of Royal Birmingham Ballet and "Mao's Last Dancer" (He played Li Cunxin as an adult.)

All have interesting stories.

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Helene, Thank you for listening to Balancing Pointe and for bringing it to this forum! It's been a labor of love for us and we have enjoyed bringing these amazing stories to the public. Our hope is that we are helping to bring ballet and dance to a wider audience while providing guidance to aspiring dancers. We have many more in the works and hope you will continue to listen in. With gratitude, MargePorter

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Yes - thank you Helene!

I was such a joy to realize that you posted about our Podcast. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggested guests. Since your last post we've published quite a few more inspirational interviews. Thank you again - it means SO much to us.

Kimberly Falker

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I'm just catching up with two dancer podcasts from December -- ABT's Christine Shevchenko and NYCB's Olivia Boisson -- but I found the next two especially fascinating: Galit Adani, who founded Dance to Unite, and Jordan Matter, author/photographer of "Dancers Among Us."

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Thank you Helene -

Yes I was quite moved by Galit's passion for including dance in her life and for giving back in such an amazing way! I am hoping to collaborate with her on a potential project coming up this summer - I will keep you posted!

And yes - Jordan Matter has quite an compelling interview and he continues to provide such inspiring photos - follow him on Twitter/Facebook or Instagram to keep up with his photo antics :)

Thank you so much for your feedback - please keep me posted on your thoughts or suggestions and spread the word :)

Take care!

Kimberly Falker

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Hi again Helene,

I am not sure where or how to post this, but one of my previous guests Emery LeCrone will have her new premiere streamed live March 23 from the sold out performance at the Guggenheim.

Bach Interpreted: New Choreography by Emery Lecrone

*Live online broadcast available at guggenheim.org/live

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