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Auditorium Theatre 2014-15 season

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What you're looking at is the difference between what the theater actually presents on its own dime, and other organizations that present themselves at the theater.

The Joffrey performs at the Auditorium Theater (and likely gets a special deal on their theater rental fees as a long-term major player) but they are not produced by the theater. They've got two more programs there for their 13-14 season -- neither is listed on the 13-14 season webpage for the theater, which does list other dance companies that have been and will be appearing there.

It doesn't look like the Joffrey has started a campaign for their 14-15 season yet (it's early for that kind of stuff, though some people do like to catch the annual Nutcracker audience), but I sincerely doubt that they are going to be moving to another venue. Those kind of rental agreements have a long lead time -- it's likely they already have blocked out performance dates for the next year, even if they don't know all their programming choices yet. Indeed, the contracts with the other dance groups on that promotion from the Auditorium probably had to accommodate their own schedule to the Joffrey's.

The tricky bit is that the theater is celebrating their anniversary year, which they'd like to start in January, but most performance seasons run September-June. We're all writing our "year-end" stuff at my paper, which is frustrating when my actual performance year doesn't end until the end of June...

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