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Mariinsky I renovation

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I would like to bump this thread, as I just scrutinized the place. The theater REALLY needs a renovation, particularly in the outside. The green painting is peeling all over, and the wood work in windows and doors needs replacements. Inside it doesn't really shows that much of wear and tear, but judging from the way renovations are being carried all over historical buildings around the city, it is obvious that the Mariinsky is due.

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Enjoy St. Petersburg! I believe the renovation of the outside of Mariinsky I is tied up in red tape. I have not paid attention to that recently since the plan for it was so upsetting for me I just stopped paying attention then there was a small "revolt" of sorts over it.

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Interesting article about Valery Gergiev's decision to stop repairs on the historic Mariiinsky Theatre, especially in light of his construction of the new theatre. I happen to like the new theatre, although I'm totally sympathetic with wanting to maintain the charm and authenticity of historic architecture during restorations at which I think that Russia excels, based on my viewing.


This is a partial google translation.


“Recently started repairs in the Mariinsky Theatre has been stopped for an indefinite period by the decision of the Director Valery [Gergiev].


“Gergiev said that many times acted in historic buildings, which came after the update in the "new" with the disgusting smell disrepair and lost its historical appeal, so the director does not want the same fate could befall the Mariinsky.”



(thanks to Sveet at Balletfriends (forum from Russia))

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