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How do I see my PMs now? Thank you


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Your permissions are fine. Would you please describe a little more about what is happening?

Are you trying to access PM's through the little envelope to the left of you name? Then clicking the "View All Messages" link? Or by clicking the down arrow to the night of your name and choosing "Personal Messenger"? (Or another way I'm forgetting?

What do you see when you get to the PM page, or are you getting an error instead? If you can see the PM page, can you see on the left where it tells you how much space you've used and how much remains?

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Hi Helene, thank you for responding so quickly. I didn't even see the envelope icon at the top right. Thank you, I'm all set. And Happy Holidays to you and yours. ~ Karen

PS: Seeing NYCB's Nutcracker next weekend with my husband, two nieces and two friends who are new to ballet but saw their 1st NYCB at SPAC this summer with us. Can't wait! Which Nuts will you see this season?

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I'm glad you got in. It's not the most intuitive thing.

I'm going to see Pacific Northwest Ballet's production by Kent Stowell and Maurice Sendak. It's the 35th anniversary season. The Goh Ballet production is lovely, but I'll miss it this year.

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Goh Ballet is in Vancouver. It's a pre-professional school. The Gohs trained their daughter Han Chan Goh, long-time Principal Dancer of National Ballet of Canada, and she now runs it, and so were San Francisco Ballet's Frances Chung and former MCN soloist Alex Wong, who competed on So You Think You Can Dance until he was injured.

The production is very beautiful: they invested nearly a million dollars in it. It plays at one of the big stages in Vancouver. Anna Marie Holmes choreographed it, and there's some very tricky partnering in it. Drosselmeier was played by a real magician when I saw it last (second season?). It's a high-level student/semi-professional production with top-level guest dancers in the two main roles. In the past, I've noticed that the advertised guests have been from Pacific Northwest Ballet and NYCB; this year, they're from Royal Danish Ballet.

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