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Mordkin Ballet company dancers, 1938

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scan of a publicity shot for both the Mordkin Ballet in NYC and for the run of Levy's then new film LE MORT DU CYGNE set at the Paris Opera and released in the US as BALLERINA.

Mort du cygne.
1938 French film starring Mia Slavenska, Yvette Chauviré, and Janine Charrat. Directed by Jean-Benoit Levy. Chor: Serge Lifar. Released in the U.S. under title: Ballerina.



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yes, the 'corpse' gaffe was part of the seller's note about this item, i didn't re-check to find that the misspelling was actually part of the 'official' captioning. i've seen this slip before but not quite on the scale of newsphoto caption-writing.

maybe, the writer was making an oblique reference to the fact that the plot twist in the film involves an arranged accident with a trap-door on the Garnier stage that badly injures, but doesn't actually kill, the younger rival (Slavenska) of the favorite ballerina, as played by Chauvire.

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