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New Book and (4) DVD's on Laban's Choreography

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From dancebooks UK:

From the indefatigable Valerie Preston-Dunlop comes a new book celebrating Rudolf Laban's achivements as a choreographer. Also available to accompany the book are 4 DVDs featuring re-creations some of Laban's most celebrated works in rehearsal and performance.

For more information about the book:

Rudolf Laban - Man of Theatre

The DVD's:

Recreating Rudolf Laban's 'Nacht' - performance and documentary

Recreating Rudolf Labans 'Solos and Duos'

Recreating Rudolf Laban's 'Der Schwingende Tempel' (1922) - performance and documentary

Recreating Rudolf Laban's 'Die Grunen Clowns', 1928 - performance and documentary

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