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POB Annual Internal Competition (2013-2014)

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Today was male internal competition. This year, 2 positions in each class

Quadrilles competition

1. Hugo Marchand

2. Germain Louvet

are promoted Choryphées

Choryphées competition

1. Axel Ibot

2. Sébastien Bertaud

are promoted Sujet

Sujets competition

1. Pierre-Arthur Raveau

2. François Alu

are promoted Premier Danseur


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Well, from what I understand of the competition system, the jury has to vote for the first one, then for the second one, and so on. As they couldn’t get a majority after 4 rounds on the second one to promote, they stopped the voting.

It happened in 2010 at the level of Première danseuse, the position available wasn’t filled for the same reason.

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