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Photos of John Jones

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Hello Folks,

I am writing on behalf of John Jones. He is leaving the country and would like to have some photos of himself dancing. If you have access to any photos could you post them? He danced between 1957 - 2000. Thank you so much!! He has not been able to aquire any of his past photos or videos.

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Hi, "john jones," and welcome to BalletAlert.

Just to let you know, members (except rg and Admins) cannot post photos or videos directly to the site, but they can link to external sites. Most videos will automatically embed.

As a New Member, you do not yet have PM privileges. If anyone wants to contact you directly, they should do so by emailing us at ballet.alert.2@gmail.com, and we will zip their email on to you.

I hope you get some good videos and photos. It's very sad that after such a long and busy career Mr. Jones has nothing to show others.

I wish him all the best in this next phase of his life.

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Have you tried searching Google-Images? I just entered: John Jones dance - and quite a few things come up. I don't know what he looks like, so I have no idea if he's in any of those photos. If you have the name of a company he danced with, you might try Google-images again, perhaps: John Jones company name. Good luck!

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He seems to appear in part of this film, in the library at LIncoln Center:


Title: Robert Joffrey Ballet (Motion picture)

Characteristics: 1 reel. 30 min. 1080 ft. :,sd. b&w. ;,16 mm.
Notes: (U.S.A.: Dance. No. 3) Telecast on WNET-TV, New York. Executive producer: Jac Venza. Producer: Virginia Kassel. Director: Karl Genus. Author: Bo Goldman

Opus '65: excerpt. Choreography: Anna Sokolow. Music Teo Macero. Performed by Margo Sappington, Richard Gain, John Jones, Ian Horvath, and Dennis Nahat.
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