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Fall Season 2014 @ State Theater

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From what I saw, it seemed like the tickets sold fairly well. Lots of families and kids. As for leaving early/at intermission, I don't feel that the decision relates to whether you are wealthy. The money is already spent and cannot be refunded. The issue is how much value you put on your own time once you have made a decsion that the performance is not to your enjoyment - that you have made a bad decision in choosing to see a particular work.

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Also, and I hope this is the last time I have to say this, the NBOC was invited to NY by the Joyce **because of Alice**. The Joyce wanted Alice, the NBOC has rights to it for N America. The Joyce did not invite the NBOC saying "bring whatever you like".

I understand this, and am very curious about the choice. This (presenting a ballet company this large in this venue) is a new step for the Joyce (they got special funding particularly for it), and I wonder what their thinking was. Were they hoping for something fairly mainstream for such a large venue, were they hoping for a 'family friendly' show, were they hoping for something they thought might be relatively safe...

When you think about this project in the context of their other work, (even though I don't think this was part of a subscription package) it's a fascinating choice.

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