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Tickets for Dec 13 - 14

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I'm traveling to Paris for Dec 13 and 14 for a conference, and I really (really really) want to see the POB while I'm there. They're performing both nights, Sleeping Beauty on the 13th and Preljocaj's Le Parc on both evenings. Sadly, there seem to be no tickets available!! Is this because it's all sold out? Or because there are more tickets that will be released soon? Or because there are some tickets that are just available to people in France?

If tickets are sold out, does anyone know how to find one (actually two)?

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Did you try to phone? They don't have the same allocation of tickets so perhaps they have some tickets left. There are English speaking operators.

They will probably release some more tickets, especially nearer the time of the shows, but it's a week end so it might be more complicated to get tickets and if you're not checking on the website when it happens, it's just difficult.

Alternatively, you can check on the official exchange tickets www. You have to pay fees but it's secured.


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Telephone the Booking Centre on 0033 171 252423 and they will tell you when the next release of billets is. Phone again on the date they give you as early in the morning (Paris Time) as you can. Make sure your tickets are correct as any errors cannot be amended after purchase. Good Luck I recently managed to get a seat for Aurelie Duponts last performance of La Dame aux Camellias on 6th October, despite being told it was sold out. for days beforehand.

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