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Oscar Hijuelos has died

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Just read this very sad news. Mr. Hijuelos was only 62. I first read his Mr. Ives' Christmas and was so taken by that novel that I set out to read most of his others. Although The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love won him the Pulitzer - and I loved it - there are very few novels that have stirred me as deeply as his story about Mr. Ives' internal crisis following his son's violent death. I lived within that book for many days afterward. For a few years, it was the novel that I measured all others against, and most of them fell short. I'm so sorry his voice has been silenced.

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Nice to hear from you, vagansmom, although the news you report is sad indeed. I've only read The Mambo Kings...., a very special book. He leaves us much too soon.

NYT obit.

A New Yorker by birth, education and residence, Mr. Hijuelos (pronounced ee-HWAY-los) was said to have been more American-Cuban than Cuban-American.

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