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I am not familiar with him, but I saw the Mikhailovsky's Flames of Paris in late July, and it knocked my socks off. It is 100 times better than the Bolshoi's version, in my personal opinion. My cast was:

Philippe: Ivan Vasiliev

Jeanne: Oksana Bondareva

Diana Mireille: Ekaterina Borchenko

Antoine Mistral: Viktor Lebedev

Teresa, a Basque: Mariam Ugrekhelidze

All were amazing in their roles. Ugrekhelidze does the lead in the basque dance which is the aggressive dance (Osipova does it in the Bolshoi's dvd even though she plays Jeanne). Ugrekhelidze was so powerful and aggressive in this dance that she actually made Osipova seem like a wilting flower, and everyone knows Osipova is no shrinking violet, so you can imagine how powerfully Ugrekhelidze danced! And this version of Flames of Paris is supposedly closer to the original, and I have to say that it made you want to join a Revolution. It had the feel of it. I have only seen the Bolshoi's version on dvd and it puts me to sleep. So I highly recommend the Mikhailovsky's Flames of Paris. Wonderful show! Of course, it probably helps if the dancers are amazing.

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Anyone familiar with Ivan Zaytsev? He will be in Flame of Paris when I see it in a few weeks but I've found very little info about him.

He partnered Oksana Bondareva in this year's Moscow Competition. She was this year's only senior female gold medalist and by far, the best Oksana senior female ballerina in this year's competition. Come to think of it, she was the only senior ballerina in the competition with the first name of Oksana, because the Mariinsky version is not a ballerina, but a caricature, more appropriate to dancing ballerina roles for Ballet Trockadero.

Zaitsev is not spectacular, but a good dancer.

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