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Mariinsky Anna Karenina Swan Lake in China September 30 - October 5, 2

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This is the Chinese site for the page for the first performance of Swan Lake on October 3.

If you go to this site


for every date on that page, it will direct you to the official site of the theater where the performance will be held.

For the Chinese site, google translate does a terrible job with the Russian names for cast information, but a Chinese friend has translated it for me from the Chinese site.

The part in Chinese which gives the Swan Lake casts look like this

天鹅湖 10月3日 10月4日 10月5日
奥杰塔 / 奥杰利亚 欧克萨娜·斯科里科 乌里安娜·洛帕金娜 叶卡捷琳娜·康多洛娃
王子希格弗莱德 达利拉·科逊茨耶 叶甫盖尼·伊万钦科 提穆尔·阿斯克洛夫
王后 叶莲娜·巴热诺娃 叶莲娜·巴热诺娃 叶莲娜·巴热诺娃
王子导师 苏斯兰·库拉耶夫 安德烈·雅科夫列夫 苏斯兰·库拉耶夫
黑魔王 尤里·斯米耶卡洛夫 安德烈·叶尔玛科夫 安德烈·索洛夫约夫
小丑 瓦西里·特卡琴科 阿列克谢·涅德维迦 伊利亚·彼得罗夫

It shows the casts for October 3,4 and 5, however google translate has difficulty translating the names

My Chinese friend wrote me this

"欧 Kesa Na" is Oksana · "斯科里科" is Skorik

The first name shown google translates to Kesa Na which my friend says is Oksana and the other part is Skorik

My Chinese friend told me the casts properly translated are

Anna Karenina

September 30 Lopatkina - Smekalov

October 1 Kondaurova - Yermakov

Swan Lake

October 3 Skorik - Korsuntsev

October 4 Lopatkina - Ivanchenko

October 5 Kondaurova - Askerov

Regardless of circumstances such as Anna Karenina casts, Skorik seems to get first cast Odette/Odile on every tour.

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