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glimpse via publicity photo of Fokine's THE THUNDERBIRD

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scan of publicity photo of what presumably is an Aztec personage in Fokine's 1921 THE THUNDERBIRD which played NYC's Hippodrome, and which starred Vera Fokina in the title role.

the work, supposedly steeped in Aztec lore, seems to be Russian in pedigree and more than a bit of reflection of THE FIREBIRD.

here's the NYPL cat. entry:

Thunderbird : Chor: Mikhail Fokin; mus: Milii Balakirev, Aleksandr Borodin, Mikhail Glinka, Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov, and Petr Chaikovskii; lib: Vera Fokina after an Aztec legend; scen & cos: Willy Pogany. First perf: New York, Hippodrome, Sept 3, 1921.



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