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Roster Changes, 2013-14 Season


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Ballet Arizona isn't particularly consistent about announcing when dancers come and go, and I wasn't able to attend the final performance of the season at Symphony Hall, where many dancers who leave get flowers during the last curtain calls and where the program has a snapshot of the roster, but today's Facebook post was captioned, "Former Ballet Arizona dancers, Shea Johnson and Ginger Smith rehearsing Don Quixote, photo by Rosalie O'Connor Photography."

I didn't realize Shea Johnson was no longer with the company, and a quick glance at the roster shows that Michael and Slawomir Wozniak are no longer there either. Our friend, Mr. Google, is not bringing up any official news about where they are now.

Joseph Cavanaugh has become Ballet Master. He was one of my favorite dancers in the Company, and from this article, it looks like he retired as a dancer after "Topia."

The bios aren't up yet, but new members of the company for 2013 are:

Annier Navarro

Arianni Martin

Brian Leonard

Eden Garcia-Thaler

Eric White

Killian Stephens

Randy Crespo

Apprentices and Trainees aren't broken out separately or identified in the group. I'm not sure if the current roster on the website includes them.

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Actually he danced in "All Balanchine" and was wonderful. He did receive the customary flowers at the Sun matinee as well. He has also been appearing in media and local news spots for the upcoming Cinderella. He made for a very nice public spokesman so far. Very genuine and natural. I look forward to seeing how he develops with these new responsibilities.

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I noticed yesterday that he is still doing character roles on stage too! He is far from over the hill afterall.

In fact, I think it is rather lovely that Anderson keeps people on stage even after they "officially" retire. For example, it's always fun to see longtime staff member Daniel Baudendistel on stage too. I also really appreciate that Anderson is not nearly as youth obsessed as some others can be in this profession.

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