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NY Film Festival - Afternoon of a Faun

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a colleague has just noted the following in an email today, Sep. 10, about an additional slot for the film under discussion here:


I found they added a 3rd public screening on Sunday 10/13 at 6pm, that went on sale this morning.


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the film under discussion here is AFTERNOON OF A FAUN: TANAQUIL LE CLERCQ, a 93 min. docu. about TCL and her life and career, not a film of Robbins ballet.

it will have its first? public screening at the upcoming New York Film Festival.

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I only hope that when the documentary is shown on PBS or is available for sale, the full version is shown. I remember that with Elusive Muse, the full film was only showed at the festival.

The full 105 minute video was for sale for awhile, so we have good grounds to hope that the full Leclerq documentary will be sold as well.

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kfw, I think that's even shorter than it was at the festival. The DVD is longer than the PBS special but that is even several minutes shorter than when it was originally shown. That's from my memory. Maybe I'm wrong. I tried to look it up in Nexis but articles from back then didn't have the running time.

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