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David Hallberg in conversation with Michael Kaiser

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He has been Tweeting for days about leaving New York for an extended time. We already knew he was not on the casting lists for the ABT fall, Nutcracker, and Japan seasons. This morning he tweeted that he will be gone for 8 months. So I guess he'll rejoin ABT's roster for the Met season in 2014. Let's hope! Perhaps we can also hope for some Bolshoi live cinema/DVDs while he's away.


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Thanks, kbarber. For those who haven't yet clicked this video, i hope you do so. He's one of those rare interviewees who thinks before he responds to a question. This adds pauses to the interview, but also encourages you to listen very carefully.

At about 19 minutes, he talks about his unexpected partnership with Osipova ("in a sense, she is who I would like to be as a dancer.... I like to respond to direction, she has her own vision of things.") This is followed by the invitation to join the Bolshoi.

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I found Hallberg became more interesting as a performer when he started dancing opposite Osipova. And I do think that, with caveats, the Astaire Rogers quip that others have cited about Hallberg-Osipova is not entirely random here (she gives him sex, he gives her class). I think his Bolshoi experience has further contributed to his growth as a performer in ways one can see even when he dances with others.

But I definitly appreciate the Hallberg-Osipova partnership--I also think that like most good/great partnerships it grows from performance to performance. I actually very much regret that they have danced together so little and fear that the partnership will never be all it could because their opportunities to dance together are so very few and likely are going to become fewer and/or restricted to pure "guest" drop ins without more extensive rehearsal/preparation etc.

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I think Hallberg became a more interesting dancer after he went to the Bolshoi. I think the level of training and coaching there elevated his skills in a numberr of ways. Interesting that he states that he believes Osipova has her own visioin of things. In my opinion, that's not always a good thing. I thought that Osipova took too many liberties with the choreography for Juliet sometimes, and turned it from drama to melodrama.

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Thank you for posting the link to the interview, a very interesting talk!

Ha, A. Ratmansky told D. Hallberg to go for it, when Hallberg got the Bolshoi's offer. At that time Ratmansky might not know that Osipova and Vasiliev were leaving Bolshoi soon. Did Hallberg say that he joined Bolshoi because he wanted to dance with Osipova? Maybe, Hallberg and Ratmansky had the foresight that Osipova would finally come to ABT.


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