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Yulia Stepanova


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So glad she joined the Bolshoi. They recognize talent. Like Zakharova, Obraztsova, and countless others, the Mariinsky will regret letting her go. The Vaganova trains such great dancers. But the Bolshoi usually gets them while the Mariinsky loves dancers like Somova and Skorik...

I kind of wish Novikova would leave for the Bolshoi but I guess she's happy at the Mariinsky.

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What's strange is that her name used to be listed next to her pic on the English version but it was not a link (so no bio) but now her name isn't even listed. Now just her pic. That is so weird. She seems to have a lot of bad luck.

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Yulia makes her debut this week, dancing two nights in succession in Russian Seasons, but it appears she has decided to dance from now on under her husband's name: http://www.bolshoi.ru/persons/ballet/2881/. An odd choice given she does have a certain following under her maiden name?

I was delighed to hear this news about her Bolshoi debut and would enjoy a chance to see her in Ratmansky's ballet. As for taking her husband's name--maybe it's a personal choice, and maybe she would like to get a bit of distance from all the controversy surrounding her earlier career. I would have no trouble believing either explanation.

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I've seen both her Hungarian Dance and O/O in the MT production. She impressed me very much in Hungarian lead in Toronto. Not at all as O/O in London...a performance most memorable for Xander Parish's Siegfried. Yangurazova (Stepanova) is too mannered and of imperfect proportions for classical leads, for my taste. Her big hands, noble chest, aloof aristocratic face, etc, look perfect in Peripa-style character dances. I bet she'll be fabulous in the Grigorovich Arabian dance (Nutcracker). Different strokes for different folks. :)

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