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Michael Kaiser to Wed Economist John Roberts Tomorrow

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Not arguing, bart, but I think Kaiser already has an MBA himself. Best wishes to the happy couple!

Yes, as to Kaiser. But, I don't know, "economist" sounds so much more exotic (or something) than MBA.

Economist is decidedly different from MBA....though I am sure that Kaiser knows plenty about the economics of the arts...

Best wishes to Kaiser and Roberts.

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The dancing Kaisers are more than the PB AD: Kevin was a Soloist at PNB for years and another, Russell, was at NYCB and married Margaret Tracey. (I never knew they were a Seattle area family until reading this.). And, from this I learned that they used to sing together as the "Kaiser Brothers."

I think you have to be a redhead to join that club ;). Seriously, I suspect a family tie would have been mentioned when PB performed at the Kennedy Center.

Edited to add: there are five Kaiser brothers, all of whom had careers in ballet, including Dan and Ken.


I don't think "Seattle Business Journal" would have missed a family business connection with Michael Kaiser.

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