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Photos: The Afternoon of a Faun


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It looks as though the photograph might be one of a series by Baron Adolph von Meyer, a self-made baron who was associated with Alfred Stieglitz and the photo-successionists and later a very successful Vogue photographer. According to Wikipedia,

between 1903 and 1907 his work was published in Alfred Stieglitz's quarterly Camera Work. Cecil Beaton dubbed him "the Debussy of photography". In 1912 he photographed Nijinsky in Paris.
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you are correct, S. now that i think back, i even have a copy somewhere of a selection of 'historical' films transferred to videocassette and then to disc, of a film like the one you're asking about here; it was on a reel of things like early modern dance works, with St. Denis, and that included a rather scratchy film of FAUNE, in color? or colorized? with music, adding up to a performance of the ballet achieved by sequentially filming still images of the ballet, but this may be something else still different from the film you're thinking about.

if i can locate my copy and if it has credits i can let you know.

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I saw it in grad school at Sarah Lawrence -- Rose Anne Thom showed it to my dance history class. I remember it as black and white, though that doesn't mean there isn't a colorized version floating around somewhere. I think she would have found it at NYPL -- I don't think the school owned it.

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