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Sallie Wilson, undated, unidentified publicity photo

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I was just thinking about Wilson, in relation to the discussion of the Martha Graham/ George Balanchine Episodes on the MCB thread. This may have been the only time I remember seeing her, as Queen Elizabeth I in confrontation with Graham's Mary Queen of Scots. The crucial scene was a representation of a tennis game between the two queens.

Here is the 2008 NY Times obituary by Jack Anderson.


The obituary concludes with the following:

Ms. Wilson always believed in total involvement in roles, even if the part was as an extra in a Wagner opera. At the Met, I once had to stand still for 45 minutes as Tannhäusers page, she once said.

As far as Im concerned, if youre on stage in a ballet, you're doing dancing, she said on another occasion. Any movement or non-movement on stage is dance.

This says something about how seriously Wilson took her on-stage time. (It should also be a comfort to those of us whose ballet experience has been limited entirely to supernumary roles. In Wilson's book, we too are "dancers." tiphat.gif)

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