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Dancer Isanusi Garcia Rodriguez

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Thank you, cahill for posting this story. Levin is right when she describes Isanusi Garcia Rodriguez as an ...

... an exceptional dancer with a riveting, panther-like combination of power and smoothness.

The photos accompanying the article give an idea of the range of the roles he dances. His Tybalt was world-class, imo. I'm sorry I missed his partnership with Deanna Seay in Diamonds.

The article explains for something that appeared puzzling -- his on-and-off relationship with the company, and especially his recent disappearance from performances after he had returned and was dancing so well.

I'm glad he has Christie Sciturro, a gifted and striking member of the MCB corps, sharing his life. And that he has the support of his friend and "brother," fellow principal Carlos Guerra. Wishing him the best of recoveries and a return to the studio and stage as soon as possible.

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I've seen Isanusi dance many times and have never seen anyone else dance with his combination of power and grace - Jordan is right - he moves like a panther. with prayers for his full recovery.

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Isanusi was always under used, way before his health issues. We certainly wish him a full recovery and hopefully back with MCB.

"Diamonds", with Seay.


"Bugaku" with Haiyan Wu.


In R&J as Tybalt, with Kronenberg as Juliet and Guerra as Romeo.


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