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Alban Lendorf's debut as Prince Desiré with ABT

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Just back from a long holiday I discovered with great joy and pride that our homely star Alban Lendorf has had a very succesful debut as Prince Desiré in Sleeping Beauty with the American Ballet Theatre earlier this month. Here is what New York Times' Alastair Macaulay wrote about him:

"Even at the end of a long season that featured a number of remarkable men, it was at once evident that this is one of the world’s most exceptional dancers and a subtle, intelligent and endearing artist."

The full article (with more praise!) can be read here.

(I know this has been a topic in other forums but I can't help bringing it up here as well, as I think it relevant for readers following the forum of the RDB.)

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Anne, I welcome the opportunity to again sing Mr. Lendorf's praises. I had the pleasure of seeing him when RDB traveled to NYC last year and so specifically went to see him in the ABT Sleeping Beauty. He was marvelous and I only hope he guests with ABT again!

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Yes, he is actually something very special! He looks like no other dancer, at least that I know of. When you first see him, his sturdy built makes you think he will be kind of a powerhouse dancer, and in a way, of course, he is, but it is camouflaged by an extreme smoothness and the softest of landings. And on top of that he has a fine stage presence as well. I liked the word Alastair Macaulay used to describe him: "endearing", because that's exactly what he is.

I think it is great for him to get these opportunities abroad. My only worry is, that some day one of those starlit companies will make him an offer he can't resist, and off he goes, as did another talented young Danish male dancer some 20 years ago...

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