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Cojocaru to Join ENB

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I think this makes good sense for Alina, she really can't go home again and build a career in Romania, and her teenage and adult life are all based in London. Now she can continue to dance in front of fans, and take puddle jumper flights to many of her guesting gigs in Europe. Her appearances in the US haven't really been long term at ABT, usually just a few weeks here and there. So not much will change, just a different ballet studio, and touring locales. Hopefully she has a more constructive relationship with Ms Rojo than she did at ROH.

Given the paraphrased quote from Johan Kobburg, you do have to wonder why the waters are so poisoned at ROH? While all dancers want to maximize their opportunities (totally understandable) it is not clear that Mr Kobburg or Ms Cojucaru were being shut down the same way dancers are shut down completely at Bolshoi or Mariinsky.

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NY Times reports on the same subject.

I think this is a step down for her but good that she finds an artistic base without uprooting her life in London. After a long career performing in world capitals, London, New York, Tokyo, Moscow, Hamburg..., and now Milton Keynes? I mean no disrespect to the citizens of Milton Keynes.

Regarding the Evening Standard quote of Kobborg, I dug a little further, this seems to be the article where the quote first reported.

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Johan Kobborg has been sending out some tantalizing tweets about his work with the Romanian Ballet and the possibility that Cojocaru might join them. Anybody know what's up with that? Is he going to work there as artistic director or coach or perhaps to stage some ballets for them, bringing her in from time to time to guest?

johan kobborg ‏@KOBBORG

Romanian Ballet has more natural born Sylphs, than any any other comp.I ever worked with:)rumour has it that @DancingAlina will join team..?

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It would be great if she could dance in both countries. London to Bucharest isn't a huge jump, and a friend who was contracting in Bucharest during the early '00's saw a lot of ballet and opera performances while he was there, and had very good things to say about both companies.

Like everything else, there are excellent performances/performers/companies outside the major arts capitols. It often takes an artist the caliber of Cojocaru to get recognition for them.

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